Is Virginity All About Presence of a Hymen?

Virginity is an old time belief passed from generation to generation among human beings, though the term is also applied to animals, birds and other inanimate things and objects. Though talked about generally by every person, only a few people reach the same definition or description of what virginity really is.

Questions arise as to the definition of virginity. Does virginity apply to all people, both men and women? Is there a sure way of telling one is a virgin? Can it be restored once lost? When should one lose it? Is virginity a case of not having penetrative sex? Some of these and many more other questions can be answered but others remain unanswered.

Virginity applies to both males and females of all species and other inanimate things and objects. It is common to hear people talk of virgin land; meaning land that has never been put into prior use, and other applications of the term virgin.

Though applied to men, it is pretty difficulty to proof their virginity. It can only be told from their lack of exposure which makes them inexperienced when it comes to acts of sex. Hence physically, one can not tell a virgin male from another.

It is commonly believed that the presence of hymen on the vaginal opening means that a lady is a virgin. By this description, then a lady can be judged a virgin once the hymen is confirmed. However, it has been proved that it is possible to engage in sex and still leave the hymen intact. This is possible where the hymen is very elastic and does not cover a large portion of the vulva hence sex can take place without rupturing the hymen.

Though not many, there are a few women who are born with poorly formed hymen or with the whole hymen lacking. In this case, although they not have engaged in penetrative sex, it will be hard to proof they are virgins.

There are also cases of women with very brittle hymen. When these women engage in strenuous exercises such as cycling, climbing and others, the hymen gets torn hence making them lose their ‘virginity’.

Civilization and modern has made it possible to get anything literally including restoring virginity. Women who are very amorous engage in indiscriminate sex but when the time comes to proof their virginity, especially when married in those set-ups that require a lady to be a virgin before getting married, they secure hymen replacement surgery which makes them intact again. Although this is possible, it is very costly.